Change Style Assessment Package (PDF)

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Change Style Assessment

The Change Style Assessment consists of twenty-one (21) questions.  Respondents conduct the assessment using sentence completion by choosing the phrase that best describes their perceptions.
The assessment identifies four change styles

  • Collaborator
  • Protector
  • Initiator
  • Questioner

Information provided for each of the four styles includes

  • Characteristics
  • Contributions during change
  • Needs during change
  • Change tips

The Change Style Assessment provides a map so the respondent can easily understand theirs and other’s style

  • Prefer a lead role in change
  • Have a high emotional expression
  • Are people oriented
  • Are excited about change

The Change Style Assessment is self-scoring, paper-based (PDF) including the self-assessment instrument, facilitator's helps, and PowerPoint visuals for conducting a feedback workshop. 
The cost is $120.00 for the package of 10 individual assessments, facilitator’s helps, and workshop visual set.  Additional assessments at $10.00 each. Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.
The agreement is a license within the terms and conditions of Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives (  The agreement allows the right to use the number of copies purchased without modification to the content.  The PDF files are copy-protected and fingerprinted with the purchaser’s identification in the form of small font at the bottom of the page.

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