Call Center/Help Center Effectiveness

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Call Center/Help Desk Competency Assessment
The assessment covers 20 areas of skills and behaviors with 103 questions encompassing professionalism, courtesy, and competence.
1. Active Listening
2. Call Reporting
3. Campaign Management
4. Coaching and Motivating
5. Customer Focus
6. Handling Difficult Calls
7. Inbound Phone Statistics
8. Interpersonal Skills
9. Lead Generation
10. Order Taking
11. Outbound Phone Statistics
12. Product Knowledge
13. Schedule Adherence
14. Speaking
15. Stress Tolerance
16. Systems and Technology Use
17. Technical Support
18. Telephone Sales
19. Telephone Skills
20. Workforce Management
The results and outcomes of the assessment will help both managers and individual contributors align with the competencies important to the department’s success including

Drives business decisions and practices based on customer value.

  • Keeps the customers’ needs as a driver in decision making.
  • Aligns services to meet customer objectives and needs.
  • Evaluates performance relative to customer expectations .

Demonstrates a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and matches them to the company’s services and products.

  • Learns how to understand the objectives and needs of the customer.
  • Becomes knowledgeable of the key areas of successful partnering – shared risk, reward, philosophy, and accountability.
  • Improves skills at relationship building.

Builds referenceable relationships with customers.

  • Learns how to identify and invest in “key” customer relationships.
  • Brings innovative ideas to customers’ strategic planning.
  • Develops relationship plan to proactively address changes in customer perspective.

Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

The cost is $600.00 for 50 individual assessments with portal access.  Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.


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