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Defining and Refining Your Personal Brand

Cheryl Nason, M. Ed.

Personal branding may be defined as a continuous, on-going process by an individual to establish a particular image or impression in the mind of others.  In other words, your brand is your “good name” or the reputation you have earned and established.

Due to the rise of the Internet and the explosion of social media sites, personal branding has reached a new level of importance.  Employers, clients, and community are utilizing social media as a tool to research individuals they are considering hiring, promoting internally, or doing business.  Despite being essentially virtual, social media and your online identity has the ability to affect your brand (i.e., reputation in the real world).  It is essential for you to know how to manage what’s “out there” about you.
Brand “U” focuses on “self-packaging.”  It provides you with numerous best practice tools to assess and define the profile you want to project and market.  There are techniques, assessments, exercises, and activities to guide you through the process of defining and creating a genuine, positive, professional image that is you.

Because you want to portray yourself in a certain way, you have to be willing to manage your own image.  This book is designed to help you do just that.  If you do not create a brand or image for yourself, others will create it for you!

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