Building Confidence, Competence, and Credibility

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Building Confidence, Competence, and Credibility    
By Darlene Davis


Confidence, Competence, and Credibility (Cs) are interrelated.  Each builds upon and supports the others.  For example, by building your confidence, you increase your readiness to improve your competence.  By taking specific actions to improve your competence, you can increase your self-confidence.  How you present yourself demonstrates who you are, your strengths, and how you feel about yourself establishes your credibility.

This book presents an integrated framework for building confidence, competence, and credibility:  the critical essentials for career success and fulfillment.  Its purpose is to help you think of yourself in new ways.  Consider it to be a journey in self-discovery that begins with self-awareness, looking within. 
The journey encompasses ten distinctive components:

  • Thinking
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Assertiveness
  • Attitude
  • Competency Profile
  • Competencies in Demand
  • What Gets Measured Gets Done 
  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships
  • Keep Commitments
  • Develop and Sustain Trust

Throughout the journey, you will learn how to assess situations and events objectively.  You will recognize how each component shapes the C's framework and acquire pertinent skills and techniques to draw upon for personal development and accomplishment.
By learning how you really think, feel, and behave, you figure out what's hindering your confidence, competence, and credibility and incorporate practical action steps to move forward.
Darlene Davis
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