Project Leads

Project Leads   

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Texas Instruments

Number on  team: 52 members
Length of engagement: 27 months
Company profile: Defense business unit.
Engagement focus: Long range strategic business plan for six business units.
The approach was to develop three (3) alternative futures;
The future will be an extension of the past
   * The future will be markedly different
   * The future will be white space
Which were distilled into viable and executable strategic options for defining the future.                                        
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Curtin Matheson Scientific
Number on team: 18 members
Length of engagement: 10 months
Company profile: Clinical and industrial laboratory supplies company.
Engagement focus: Strategic business planning. 
The approach encompassed a realignment to a rapidly changing healthcare business delivery model and a refocus from one as a technical solutions provider to one of standardization and utilization in supplying and servicing the entire continuum of the care process. This context became the basis from which to develop a new vision and strategy to move the company forward.


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Department of the Navy

Number on team: 21 members
Length of engagement: 38 months
Company profile: Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division.
Engagement focus: Strategic planning process-action framework.
The strategic planning process-action framework included a
  * Business Audit
  * Environmental Assessment
  * Planning Assumptions
  * Strategic Goals and Objectives
  * Control and Review Procedures
  * Performance Metrics
Which became the basis for a conceptual master plan for developing a strategic roadmap for assumptions and scenario planning, for testing planning readiness, and for executing a comprehensive implementation plan.


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C&D Technologies

Number on team: 14 (65) 
Length of engagement: 28 months
Company profile: Global battery power technology.
Engagement focus: Organizational performance.
The engagement involved the senior management team, the business unit leaders, and the functional department heads.

At the senior management level the focus was on the businesses future; What does it look like? Where do we fit?  How do we get there?  How do we win?
At the business unit level the focus was on growth and profitability; Our business strategy.  Our plans for business growth.  Our action steps to move the business forward and sustain success.

At the functional department level the focus was on delivering effective business services; How are we doing in terms of value, cost, and performance?  How can we do better?  

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Essilor Laboratories

Number on team: 9 
Length of engagement: 26 months
Company profile: Eye ware manufacturer and supplier.
Engagement focus: Organizational performance.
The engagement was in support of a strategy of moving from a decentralized to a centralized organization during high activities of acquisitions and mergers.






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