Working Styles Online Assessment
10 Dynamic Business Models That Will Challenge Your Thinking and Change Your Business. A 2-Day Workshop.
Cost Mapping: A Tabletop Simulation for Identifying Cost and Building a Value-Based Solutions Map. A 2-Day Workshop.
Creating a Strategic Future: Seeing Beyond the Obvious, Looking a Customer Ahead. A 2-Day Workshop.
Creativity and Innovation: From Concept to Market Introduction. A 3-Day Workshop.
Event-Driven Strategy: A Tabletop Simulation for Visioning and Planning. A Two-Day Workshop.
Game Plan for Change: A Tabletop Simulation to Ignite Growth Through Transformation. A Two-Day Workshop.
North of Sales: What Do Walt Disney and Steve Jobs Have in Common? A Two-Day Workshop
Writing For Easy Reading By Dave Lewis
Writing Powerful Performance Appraisals By Michelle Lavoie, M.A.
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