Client Services

Client Services

Planning, Execution, and Performance
Typical Engagements

  • Developing plans
  • Evaluating strategy
  • Identifying challenges
  • Setting priorities
  • Creating value
  • Assessing behaviors
  • Modeling complexity and risk
  • Determining readiness
  • Facilitating adoption and internalization
  • Identifying fits and gaps
  • Applying results to reality
  • Facilitating leadership off sites

Strategic, Business, and Action Planning
Senior consultants providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, and counseling to improve the performance, quality, timeliness, and efficiency of management, and the organization overall in the area of strategic, business, and action planning. Conducting business diagnostics, assessing current markets, analyzing emerging markets and trends, assessing industry attractiveness, determining business strengths, matching strategy and structure, assessing risk, balancing business portfolios, and forecasting probable outcomes, results and impacts.  This is achieved through delivery of professional services in the form of consulting, process design, process management, support services, team training and development, high-performance work systems, and facilitation. 

Performance Metrics, Measures, and Indicators
Delivery of professional services in the form of consulting, training and development, and facilitation in the area of performance measures and indicators for building, sustaining, and improving an environment for performance excellence. Skilled in developing key performance goals that can be expressed in objective, quantifiable, and measurable form, and key performance indicators used to measure goal attainment providing a basis for comparing actual program results with established performance goals.

Business Development Strategies
Market identification, profit potential, methods of penetration, market research, promotion strategies, customer value propositions, account coverage, and cost/pay-back analysis.  Sustainable competitive advantage development, cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, focus strategy, and vertical integration strategy analyses.

Statistical and Financial Process Modeling and Simulation
Skilled in sophisticated computer modeling based on accepted probability distributions using Monte Carlo simulation and Latin Hypercube sampling to develop more accurate, efficient and confident forecasts and risk analysis.  Linear and nonlinear optimization, decision trees, influence diagramming, multivariate regression, time series forecasting, perceptual mapping and correlation matrices required to perform appropriate business analyses.

Comprehensive Business Assessment, Diagnosis, and Feasibility Studies
Developing thorough, researched-based deliverables, with appropriate due diligence to assess company structures, management/leadership teams, business assumptions, planning logic, product and service portfolios, evaluation of opportunities and threats, decision-making structures, and organizational design.
People, Teams, and Competency
Typical Engagements
Competency Assessment Libraries and Portal Platforms

  • Job Performance Assessments
  • Line of Business Effectiveness
  • Global Assessments
  • Strategic Assessments
  • Organizational Diagnostics

Our approach to competency modeling is in articulating the process across multiple perspectives, including core competencies, leadership competencies, manager competencies, global enterprise competencies, and functional department competencies.   This approach provides your organization a multi-dimensional view that goes beyond traditional skills and abilities and allows you to see results as actionable knowledge and insight for managing and growing your business.  
Psychometric and Behavioral Assessments
CenterMark - Based on studies in preferences, assesses the key attributes and behaviors associated how one contributes to the organization across 12 areas. 

MatchPoint - Assesses the key characteristics influencing job fit and satisfaction. Supports you in your career planning and increases your potential for job satisfaction. 

WorkingStyles - Based on studies in social behaviors, Working Styles has a 360 component which provides insight as to how others see you. 

ValueBase - Is an assessment for clarifying values and the importance of how these values are actualized and expressed on the job. 

Team, Workgroup, and Department Assessments
TeamMark Report  The TeamMark Report is an assessment used to develop a unique profile and characterization of teams, work groups, departments, business units and entire organizations. The report presents a profile of your group’s similarities and differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with your group type.  Additionally, the profile contains a framework and suggested strategies for improving group effectiveness and interpersonal relationships within your group.  

TeamStyle Report  The TeamStyle Report expands upon the four-quadrant model introduced in the Working Style assessment.  It presents a profile of your team’s characteristics and helps you determine your team’s favored style, its strengths, and growth opportunities.  The report provides insights as similarities and differences among team members and contains valuable guidelines and tips you can draw on to promote understanding, defuse conflict, and more fully utilize each member’s talents. 

The Team Performance Inventory (TPi) is a comprehensive tool for assessing a team’s stage of performance, for conducting and facilitating team-building workshops, and for ongoing personal development.  The TPi provides an objective look at where the team is on the performance curve and what it can do to strengthen its effectiveness and achieve higher levels of performance. 

The Trust Me, Trust You Assessment addresses behavioral characteristics in fifteen (15) dimensions of trust key to both yours and your team's success.  The assessment addresses characteristics in fifteen (15) areas of trust key to the team’s success including Competent, Truthful, Open, Credible, Steadfast, Accountable, Reliable, Connected, Loyal, Supportive, Inclusive, Communicative, Committed, Empathetic, and Affirmative.

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