Bring Your Brain To Work

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Bring Your Brain To Work

By Bernard Rochon, M.A., D.Min.

This book is written by a teacher who has dedicated his life to expanding the mental reach of his students by exploring the process of learning. The fascination of learning comes from the haunting question asked by the theorist Jean Piaget who wondered how children learn. With the recent discoveries of how the brain functions, new understandings of the learning process have revolutionized our approach to learning and have put within our grasp the biological underpinnings of mental activity. Through various techniques of brain scans, science has opened up the workings of the brain so that we can actually look inside the brain and see what parts of the brain light up during different mental operations.

Along with these biological discoveries, we have come to appreciate the importance of care of the brain through balanced life styles that include exercise, sleep, and proper diet. This book briefly outlines the structure of the brain and reflects on why exercise, sleep, and coping with stress are all essential to healthy brain development and care.

The context of this book is set in the workplace. Learning is a life-long endeavor. It is in the workplace that learning flourishes into creative productivity. The employee is the greatest asset an organization has. Employees with sharp, alert minds are basically using their sharp, alert brains to contribute to the growth of their companies. Employers must appreciate employees as valued assets of human capital far beyond the worth of machines and real estate.

This book will offer the reader an opportunity to assess his or her thinking capacity by taking the Hartman Value Profile. This mind scan will introduce the reader to a way of thinking that will revolutionize his outlook on the world.

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