Coaching For Development

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Coaching For Development

By Darlene Davis, M.A.

The book introduces practical coaching strategies, processes and tools managers need to guide and support employees in their career planning and development. You will

  • Learn how to use the Career Options Model to guide your employees develop their careers to their fullest potential.
  • Gain an understanding of the four types of career coaching and how to effectively use each type.
  • Acquire coaching strategies that will help you plan and conduct effective career discussions with your employees.
  • Explore the dynamics of the multi-generational workplace and the beliefs, experiences, values, attitudes and expectations each generation bring to the job.
  • Acquire tips on how to bridge the generation gap, avoid conflict, and implement strategies to manage each generation effectively.
  • Be introduced to Seven Surefire Recognition Tips.
  • Develop a strategy to acknowledge a star performer on your team.
  • Recognize the value of fun in the workplace.

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