Are You Really Listening?

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Are You Really Listening

By Dave Lewis

Surveys consistently show that listening is the most used but least taught of the basic communication skills. Skillful listening is the basis for higher productivity and personal compatibility in the work place. Poor listening habits, on the other hand, often result in lower productivity and limited personal growth and development.

Since academia has largely avoided teaching this critical skill, the responsibility for doing so rests in large measure on the individual.

Hearing words without attempting to process them mentally is called passive listening. Mentally massaging the words with an eye to giving an appropriate critical or empathetic response is called active listening, and that's what well be about.

This book defines the role of active listening and provides you viable techniques for providing meaningful feedback and developing empathetic and active listening skills.

In this book you will

  • Evaluate your capabilities now as an active listener.
  • Recognize the difference between passive and active listening.
  • Give effective feedback that "proves" you've listened.
  • Use feedback as an effective memory tool.
  • Demonstrate how content/emotion feedback creates empathetic listening.
  • Develop productive questioning techniques.
  • Recognize non-verbal messages: gesture, tone, voice inflection.
  • Recognize the role of semantics in effective communication.
  • Identify and evaluate propaganda techniques.
  • Test your skills as an active listener.
  • Improve your ability to make judgments based on proper inferences.
  • Enhance your reputation as a "good communicator."

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