Behavioral Interviewing

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Behavioral Interviewing

By Sandra Campbell, Ed.D.

Interviewing is a process every company or organization goes through with the goal being to hire the best candidate.  But, how do you successfully accomplish this task?  It certainly is not an off-the-cuff, informal process thrown together at the last minute but instead, a systematic, planned event with a proven methodology.

This book offers everyone hiring new employees (e.g., department heads, managers, team leaders and human resource personnel) a means to evaluate applicants effectively so the most qualified talent is hired.  It provides a means to plan a consistent route so you accomplish your end result. 

In Behavioral Interviewing you will

  • Learn the importance of being prepared.
  • Be introduced to a systematic and consistent hiring process.
  • Acquire practical interviewing tools and guidelines.
  • Discover how to use the STAR model to create questions based on the necessary competencies for the job.
  • Obtain invaluable pointers that will improve your professionalism before, during, and after interviews,
  • Discover and practice a process where your end result will be hiring not just the right person but the right person for the job.

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