1. Get to the Point Books DNL Reader Instructions

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Get to the Point Books DNL Reader Instructions
Here are your instructions to download the DNL reader.  To get started you will need to get the book reader only once.  Click here
to load the reader file.

This will load a small reader software so you can access the books.  Click 'Run" when prompted and wait for the “Congratulations" screen to know that the program has fully loaded.  You only need to do this once and not with each subsequent book. 

NOTE: If you do not receive the "Congratulations" screen, this is an indication that the .exe file (dnlsetup.exe) is being blocked by your firewall or spam blocker software.  The remedy is to white list or adjust your firewall and/or spam blocker to allow for the download.  

Now, you’re all set to open the digital file and the book will appear on your screen.  To navigate the book, use the navigation bar at the bottom of the book. Or by clicking anywhere on the right page to turn to the next page.  Click anywhere on the left page to turn to a previous page as you would if reading a traditional paper manuscript.
Also, you can right click your mouse anywhere on the book to open a user menu to change the page turning speed, the turning mode, and numerous other features.
DNL eBooks and MACS
DNL eBooks are created to run on both Windows and Apple Macs (Intel).  To use it on a MAC you must use Parallels or similar VirtualPC software.    
Again, thank for your order and if you have any questions or need further information, please let us know.
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