Creating Internal Service Agreements: Preparation, Steps 1-3, Book 1, Creating Internal Service Agreements: Implementation, Steps 4-8, Book 2 By Sharon Mulgrew, M.P.H.
Culture Change Book 1, Why, What, When, Who, and How. Culture Change Book 2, How to Implement Culture Change in Your Department or Organization Chock full of examples, exercises, and suggestions giving you everything you need. By Bob Dove, Ph.D.
How Are Your Employees Performing? Employee Performance Appraisals, Books One and Two By John Turner, Ph.D.
Interviewing for Success: Finding the “Right” Person Series By John Turner, Ph.D.
Leading the Total Quality Mission and Leading Continuous Improvement Series By Orlando Blake, CPT, PhD
Leveraging My Talent and My Career Series: A journey in self-discovery, A toolkit for exploring options, and A blueprint for charting the course. Includes four online assessments. By Darlene Davis
Making Meetings More Productive Series: The Basics, Advanced Concepts and Techniques, Managing Meeting Dysfunctions, and Advanced Meeting Facilitation By Dean Herrington
Measurement in the Workplace Series By Frank Wolf, D.I.B.A.
Mentoring Series: Developing and Implementing an Effective Mentoring Program, How to be a Caring, Competent, and Committed Mentor, and What Every Mentee Needs to Know By Nancy Gumina
New Ways of Working Together: Collaboration Within and Between Companies, and New Ways of Working Together: Organizational and Employee Change By Camille P. Schuster, Ph.D.
Office Safety: Hidden Dangers, Series, Parts A & B By John Turner, Ph.D.
Power Points: Pocket-sized Success Strategies for Every IT Manager and Supervisor Series, By Ken Myers, Ph.D.
Team NOW! A Resource for Team Leaders and Team NOW! A Resource for Team Members Series By Robert Preziosi, D.P.A.
The Supervisor's Series: The 'E' List, The 'IN' List, and The 'BIG' List By Michael Horton, EdD
Training with Purpose and Training with Skill Series By Lillian Lamb, M.Ed.
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