Conference Presenters

Conference Speakers and Presenters

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)
Annual National Conference, Toronto, Canada
Super Session Presenter (sold out)
Topic: Game Plan for Change: Using Simulation to Execute Successful Change

International Organizational Development Summit
Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois
Education Session Presenter
Topic: Best Practices for OD and HR Practitioners

ASTD Forum Social Learning Community
V-Session Presenter
Workforce Learning and Performance
Topic: The Idea Generation

HR Southwest Conference
Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas
Conference Session Presenter
Topic: Competency Modeling

American Public Transportation Association
National APTA Research Task Force, Dallas, Texas
Conference Director/Facilitator
Topic: Identifying Critical Industry Research Needs

Human Resources Management Association (HRMA)
Regional Conference, Austin Texas
Conference Session Presenter
Topic: Managing Transformational Change in the Workplace

International Association of Career Management Professionals
Annual Conference, San Franciso, California
Conference Session Presenter
Topic: Using 360-Degree Assessment and Feedback
to Identify and Develop Core Competencies

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