Change Risk Assessment Package (PDF)

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Change Risk Assessment

The Change Risk Assessment consists of 21 questions. You conduct the assessment by answering the questions according to your perception of how the statements characterize your organization.
The 7 risk components in this assessment include

  • Political
  • Technology
  • Cultural
  • Financial
  • Image
  • Customer
  • Know-How

The 6 obstacles and barriers components in this assessment include:

  • Timeline
  • Resources
  • Commitment
  • Resistance
  • Two write-ins

The 8 complexity components in this assessment include:

  • Speed
  • Disruption
  • Direction
  • Dimension
  • Uncertainty
  • Familiarization
  • Dependency
  • Political

The Change Risk Assessment is self-scoring, paper-based (PDF) including the self-assessment instrument, facilitator's helps, and PowerPoint visuals for conducting a feedback workshop. 
The cost is $120.00 for the package of 10 individual assessments, facilitator’s helps, and workshop visual set.  Additional assessments at $10.00 each.  Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.
The agreement is a license within the terms and conditions of Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives (  The agreement allows the right to use the number of copies purchased without modification to the content.  The PDF files are copy-protected and fingerprinted with the purchaser’s identification in the form of small font at the bottom of the page.

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