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Job Family Performance Database
The Database
The database is built on the premise that to be an effective and successful contributor:

1. You need to know something.
2. You need to do something.
3. You need to engage with people.
4. You need to get results.
The database contains the following for each job family record:
Job Title
Job Description
Job Requirements and Qualifications
Reporting Structure
Primary Role and Responsibilities
Functional Department’s Strategic Focus
Interest Preferences
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (know something)
Work Activities (do something)
Interpersonal Competencies (engage with people)
Results and Standards (get results)
The database contains a comprehensive data set for senior level, manager level, and individual contributor level across numerous functional departments including the following:
Business Management and Development
Business Services
Finance and Accounting
General Management
Human Resources
Information Technology
Public Affairs
Retail Sales and Marketing
Sales and Account Management
Corporate Services
Supply Chain Operations
Technical and R&D
Typical Database and Portal Uses and Projects

  • Develop job descriptions and profiles
  • Assess effectiveness of job positions
  • Align competencies across the organization
  • Conduct annual performance reviews
  • Get multi-rater view of contribution
  • Uncover gaps and development areas
  • See where key knowledge-level areas reside
  • Use work activities to facilitate onboarding and productivity ramping
  • Use database information to guide job interviews
  • Get recruiters and hiring managers on the same page

The Platform
Assessment and evaluation portal platform.
The platform allows the user organization to
Choose an assessment from 5 menus.
Setup unique assessments for individuals, teams, groups, and organizations.
Conduct assessments through secure respondent portal.
Track respondent progress, send reminders, and follow-up.
View respondent activities.
Print reports.
Analyze data.
Link outcomes to development and action planning.
The platform provides three components highlighted below.
Individual Component
Individual respondents conduct the assessment using a dual rating scale of importance and  effectiveness, with areas for verbatim responses.  Additional features include areas for input and feedback, for identifying and linking expression of the competencies in the workplace, and for future development and action planning.
Manager Component
Through the administrative function, managers and facilitators setup and provide respondents with access codes to the selected assessments.  Managers and facilitators set expectations for the overall group’s level of performance using an expectation scale.  Managers and facilitators have access to detailed guides, helps, and resources in the manager toolkit. 
Reporting Component
Individual respondent competency reports
Group results and outcomes reports
Participant activity reports
Raw Data reports
Verbatim reports
Branded Portal

The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

All information can be customized to more clearly define each job’s role and responsibility within your organization.
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