Database: Strategic Competencies

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Strategic Competencies Database
The Database
The database is built on the premise that to assure the sustainability of the organization you will necessarily need to build and retain a human capital resource of effective leaders and managers.
Strategic competencies focus on the vertical dimension of the organization and its sustainability.
The Content
The database content contains strategic competencies and associated performance behaviors or statements to measure how effective the organization is in terms of providing development opportunities, training future leaders and managers, and in succession planning.
The database contains a comprehensive data set of competencies important to the organization’s future.
Leadership Effectiveness
Achieving Results
Creating a Collaborative Environment
Developing Commitment
Leading Change
Management Effectiveness
Communicating Effectively
Developing Yourself and Others
Knowing the Company
Managing Work/Projects
Service Excellence
Serving the Client
Understanding Client Needs
Understanding the Business Environment
Managing People
Setting Standards
Developing Commitment
Achieving Results
Managing Projects
Conceptualizing and Planning
Organizing and Implementing
Tracking and Reporting Progress and Outcomes
Communicating With Customers
Communicating for Commitment
Communicating for Effectiveness
Communicating with Customers
Developing Effective Leaders
Behavioral Motivation
People Orientation
Personal Attributes
Building High Performing Managers
Personal Attributes
Management Attributes
Intellectual Attributes
Manager Competencies
Weighing Risks and Benefits
Taking Action
Understanding the Organization
Promoting Teamwork
Maintaining Positive Relationships
Facilitating Communication
Encouraging Creativity and Innovation
Seeing the Big Picture
Partnering for Mutual Benefit
Balancing Stamina and Workload
Applying Ethics and Values
Setting Challenging Goals
Having Behavioral Flexibility
Displaying Self-confidence
Senior Executive Leadership Effectiveness
Creating a Vision
Developing Commitment
Achieving Results
Team Playing
Senior Executive Management Effectiveness
Making Decisions
Following Through
Managing the Company
Senior Executive Business Development
Understanding the Market
Building the Market
Making the Sale
Senior Executive Service Excellence
Defining Client Needs
Serving the Client
Retaining the Client
Leader and Manager Core Competencies
Strong Personal Convictions
Emotional Bonds
Team Oriented
Risk Taker
Drive to Excel
People Focused
Client Focus
Financial Acumen
Building and Leveraging Relationships
Global Perspective
Product and Service Delivery
Industry, Business, and Technology Insight
Strategic Thinking
Professional Presence
Coaching and Mentoring
Sales and Marketing
Typical Database and Portal Uses and Projects

  • Assess leadership and management potential 
  • Link succession planning to future sustainability
  • Get multi-rater view of leadership competencies, skills, and attributes
  • Understand the connection between a robust leadership candidate pool and ongoing success
  • Identify soft spots, holes, and areas for development

The Platform
The platform provides three components highlighted below.
Individual Component
Individual respondents conduct the assessment using a dual rating scale of importance and  effectiveness, with areas for verbatim responses.  Additional features include areas for input and feedback for identifying and linking expression of the competencies in the workplace, and for future development and action planning.
Manager Component
Through the administrative function, managers and facilitators setup and provide respondents with access codes to the selected assessments.  Managers and facilitators set expectations for the overall group’s level of performance using an expectation scale.  Managers and facilitators have access to detailed guides, helps, and resources in the manager toolkit. 
Reporting Component
Individual respondent competency reports
Group results and outcomes reports
Participant activity reports
Raw Data reports
Verbatim reports
Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.


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