Executing Change for Individual Contributors

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Executing Change in the Organization for Individual Contributors
Individual Contributors
A Guide to Executing Change for Individual Contributors is a participant workbook designed to guide those in the workshop audience who identify as individual contributors through their own tasks within the change initiative.
The Individual Contributors are those who localize the change by implementing the work activities, practices, and processes to accomplish the change. Each participant needs to have his or her own workbook to participate in the workshop. 
Table of Contents
1. Scenarios
2. Assumptions
3. Challenges
4. Priorities
5. Value Creation
6. Goals and Objectives
7. Business Initiatives
8. Praxis Chart
9. People
10. Complexity and Risk
11. Affects On
12. Readiness
13. Adoption and Internalization
14. Impact
15. Fits and Gaps
16. Change Scorecard
17. 1-2-3 Go!
Anticipating the Future
As we anticipate the future, our view is generally based on certain assumptions.
What will the future look like?
Will it be an extension of the past?
Or, will it be transformed, and uniquely different?
What will most likely happen?
What will most likely not happen?
What are the risks?
What are the expected outcomes?
Articulating Assumptions
Our business model will change.
Our systems and processes will change.
There will be reorganization of some departments.
There will be a reskilling of the workforce.
There will be new or different business systems.
There will be customer training.
This is not a consolidation exercise.
There will be interruptions (planned and unplanned).
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