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The Entrepreneur Profile: Assessing Potential, Fit, and Readiness
By Darlene Davis

Coaches, educators, and trainers who work with people interested or planning on becoming an entrepreneur, will find the Entrepreneur Profile's (EP) an invaluable tool to facilitate thoughtful and insightful entrepreneurial discussions with their clients. 

The Entrepreneur Profile's is a series of questions with accompanying research that will help your clients decide if owning their own business is the right choice for them; and if yes, gauge how prepared they are to launch.  Your clients will

  • Evaluate their entrepreneur potential. 
  • Identify how closely they match what research has identified as the key attributes of entrepreneurs.
  • Define the characteristics unique to entrepreneurs that non-entrepreneurs lack and pinpoint where they are on the spectrum.
  • Determine the business planning steps (e.g., financial, legal, structure, markets, geographic, workforce, and more) that need to be developed to ensure readiness.
  • Organize and prioritize next steps. 

By honestly answering the assessment questions and completing the suggested actions, your clients will have a broader understanding of what makes entrepreneurs tick and their own orientation toward entrepreneurship:  their interests, motivators, values, behaviors, talents, experience, and preferred recognition.
The 20-page Entrepreneur Profile is paper-based (PDF).  It contains 78 self-assessment questions with scoring, interpretation, suggested actions steps, and resources for follow-up.
The cost is $100.00 for the package of 10 individual assessments.  Additional assessments at $8.00 each.  Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.
The agreement is a license within the terms and conditions of Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives (  The agreement allows the right to use the number of copies purchased without modification to the content.  The PDF files are copy-protected and fingerprinted with the purchaser’s identification in the form of small font at the bottom of the page.
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