Successful Committees

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Successful Committees
By Wanda Ritter, MA, CPT

Committees are a reality.  Committees reside in companies, organizations, non-profits, government agencies, communities, and more.  Some committees are mandated by law, charter, constitution, agreement, or determination.  Others are voluntary such as a group to organize an event for charity or to review and update the organizations' values.
There a numerous types of committees:  search, standing, compensation, planning, audit, fund-raising, community improvement . . . all with their challenges and opportunities. Who hasn’t been on a committee that meets and meets and meets and finally disbands without reaching a goal, a decision, or having any closure?
And how often has that committee been re-established a few months or even years down the line with a different name but the same function?  It is a frustrating experience for all involved.  It is also extremely costly to the organization in time lost and wasted project enthusiasm.  With planning, preparation, and participation, committees can be a tool that is cost effective, efficient, and energizing.  Successful Committees shows you how.  This invaluable resource reviews key aspects about committees from when to form a committee—to how to disband a committee—and everything in between.

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