Product Introduction Risk

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Product Introduction Risk Assessment
The Product Introduction Risk Assesses …

  • The Market Atmosphere
  • The Industry Structure
  • The Business Environment
  • The Technology Landscape
  • The Organization Alignment

The assessment helps organizations and product development teams make decisions at each step of the way, including
Early Stage Product Development
Concept, Research, Brand Development, Strategic Design, Market Introduction, Rollout, and Reinvention.
Market Introduction
Strategic Marketing, Connect to Customers, Build Brand Identity, Add Value, and Stay Out in Front.
Production and Ramp-Up
Proof of Concept, Pre-production, Production and Ramp-up, Marketing and Selling, and Serving Customers. 
Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

The cost is $600.00 for 100 individual assessments with portal access.  Quantity discounts start at 500 individual assessments.

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