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MatchPoint Online Assessment
One of the most important challenges facing individuals today is finding the type of work that will maximize their career satisfaction and productivity.  Career satisfaction has been related to satisfaction with life in general, the turnover rate within the organization, and productivity.  Individuals who are well matched to their jobs are more likely to be effective in what they do and more likely to enjoy their association with the organization.  Based on the work of John Holland, MatchPoint is a career development tool that supports individuals in their career planning and increases their potential for job satisfaction.    

  • helps individuals better understand their values and goals, worldview, professional contributions, developmental needs and potential pitfalls
  • assists individuals in identifying where within the organization their interests, values and skills best fit
  • better understand how they like to be managed, how they like to manage and delegate to others, and how they prefer to interact with their peers 
  • serves as a catalyst in job/career discussions between individuals and their career coach, trainer, interviewer or manager
  • reduces work-related stress by assisting in a better job and person fit

Cost for the Individual Assessment
The cost is $20.00 per assessment instrument.  The assessment is conducted online and the results are available online for up to one year following issuance of username and password. 
Once you have purchased the assessment you will receive an email with username, password, and logon instructions.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact or call 
(214) 613-2582.
Validity and Reliability
The MatchPoint assessment instrument has undergone independent review for validity and reliability and has met all industry standards, including adequacy of the items, theoretical framework of the intended measures, statistical difference among each of the types for establishing discriminant separation, stability of the inventory over time, statistical convergence and divergence of each behavior scale, and measuring of the theoretical construct.  The MatchPoint assessment instrument has been determined to be without bias across ethnic boundaries, gender, and age groups.

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