Fixing a Broken Team

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Fixing a Broken Team By James G. Bohn, Ph.D.
Many managers are assigned to dysfunctional teams.  These challenges are complex, difficult and emotional demanding.  Having a path to success is an effective way to manage the emotional frustration and fears that come with the job.

Here's what you can expect from the effort you put into reading the book:

  1. Insight from an experienced executive who managed multiple teams to award winning levels of success.  Dr. Bohn has developed this book from real-world examples.
  2. A specific set of detailed steps to improve your team.
  3. Insight into the psychology of teams under stress; and how your leadership will help them build confidence as they improve their reputation.
  4. An understanding of the importance of bragging about your team to help them recover their identity.

Managers face complex team situations in their careers.  They need a starting point.  This book gives a structure to rebuilding the confidence of a broken team.

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