Mentoring Series

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Mentoring Series

By Nancy Gumina

Book 1.  Mentoring: Developing and Implementing an Effective Mentoring Program

Mentoring:  Developing and Implementing an Effective Mentoring Program is a reader-friendly, how-to book for human resources, training, organizational development, and other professionals interested in launching a low cost, customizable mentoring program.  This highly interactive book walks you through the process of developing your organization’s program step by step.  It’s like having a consultant in your back pocket.  The book is easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to apply.  Expand your mentoring expertise quickly by learning from someone who has been in the mentoring trenches.  Use the book’s many exercises and techniques for immediate application to your organization.  Read, apply, launch!

In book one you will

  • Learn how to make the case for a mentoring program in your organization.
  • Discover the inside scoop on effective mentoring pilot programs.
  • Understand the distinctions between various kinds of mentoring programs:  (a) three different types, (b) three different shapes, and (c) two different structures.
  • Uncover the pros and cons for mandatory versus voluntary program participation.
  • Recognize the importance of developing well thought out program guidelines to position your program for success.
  • Gather strategies for a useful and effective application and screening process.
  • Identify five ways to pair mentors and mentees.

Book 2.  Mentoring: How to be a Caring, Competent, and Committed Mentor

How to be a Caring, Competent, and Committed Mentor is an authoritative conversation about what it means to be a mentor in today’s world of work.  It clarifies the mentor’s role and responsibilities along the journey to becoming a great mentor.  Both the new and the seasoned mentor will benefit from the book’s many practical ideas, exercises, activity suggestions, and sample case illustrations.  Here’s a secret known only to mentors.  Mentoring can be immensely rewarding—to mentors. 

In book two you will

  • Explore the four stages of the mentoring partnership.
  • Assess and enhance your mentor and management competencies.
  • Discover strategies for setting and achieving mentee goals.
  • Recognize how and when to challenge and confront your mentee for maximum development.
  • Gather insider tips for staying on task and effectively managing your mentee meeting time.
  • Avoid some of the most common mentor sand traps … and so much more.

Don’t leave the success of your mentoring to chance.  Prepare for this important role.  Add How to Be a Caring, Competent, and Committed Mentor to your management toolbox today!

Book 3.  Mentoring:  What Every Mentee Needs to Know

Mentoring:  What Every Mentee Needs to Know is a must read for mentees who would like to get the most out of their mentoring relationships.  It provides today’s mentees with insider tips on how to learn about and position for the mentee role to yield the best results.

Mentees will benefit from the many exercises and cases with real life application.  Prepare yourself for perhaps the best personal and career development and growth of your life—as a mentee.

It’s also a valuable resource for human resources, training, diversity and other professionals who manage mentoring programs and shepherd their mentees.

In book three you will

  • Discover how to start your mentoring relationship on the right foot.
  • Examine ways to build and maintain trust with your mentor.
  • Learn the importance of two types of contracting in the mentoring relationship.
  • Identify the ideal mentee competencies and take a self-assessment.
  • Understand your proactive role in the success of your mentoring relationship.
  • Investigate how to identify and achieve meaningful mentoring goals.
  • Recognize how to leverage the valuable time you spend with your mentor.
  • Realize how to avoid or manage several common mentoring challenges.
  • Uncover how to effectively close a mentoring relationship.
  • . . . and so much more.


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