Measurement in the Workplace Book 2

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Measurement in the Workplace, Book 2

By Frank Wolf, D.I.B.A.

Measurement in the Workplace, Book 2 pursues the same intent as Book I, namely helping the reader benefit from understanding how measurements themselves affect outcomes and how to select the right measurement option.  In the first book, the subject was introduced with a brief of the history of measurements, followed by a detailed look into workplaces like offices, the manufacturing floors, and the service sector of our economy. 
In this resource, measurement issues affecting federal, state, and local governments are presented, where the objectives are broadly focused on service rather than profit.  Nonprofit organizations narrowly advocate good causes with measurements zeroing—in on outcomes.  Additionally, the reader is introduced to measurement issues that transcend economic sectors, namely indexing and making sense out of cause and effect discussions. 
In response to a rapidly changing international business environment, this second book helps the reader to understand and deal with measurements that apply to the Internet where the focus is market access.  Book 2 also has a chapter on measuring the impossible, like the happiness of workers that can affect their own health and certainly that of their clients. 

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