Launching Your New Job

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Launching Your New Job: Reliable advice for individuals who want to shire in their new role

By Linda Schnabel, PCC

This book is an invaluable resource for those who are entering a newly acquired role and for hiring managers and human resources professionals who are seeking ways to supplement their organization’s onboarding program.

 Readers will be introduced to the LAUNCH MODEL, which identifies the all-important aspects of job integration that every employee needs to look for and understand if he or she is to fit into the new role and culture successfully. 
Building on this model, the author provides numerous self-directed, how-to guidelines, tools, and specific action steps that, when implemented, will improve competence, confidence, and job satisfaction.

New employees will learn how to

  • Identify and leverage their Critical Success Factors.
  • Assess organizational culture to increase political acuity.
  • Clarify and manage stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Build and nurture relationships that increase collaboration.
  • Utilize various resources to increase self-awareness and professional development.
  • And more.

Hiring managers and human resources will have a model they can integrate into their onboarding process:  a model that empowers employees to take a proactive approach to their career and accelerate their contribution and commit
ment to the organization.

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