Supervising for Success

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Supervising for Success:

Skills for Meeting the Challenges of Today's Frontline Supervisor

Driving Performance

By Patricia Lake

As a frontline supervisor, you have one of the most important and influential roles in your company. In fact, you as a supervisor have more impact than anyone else in affecting morale, production, and quality of the product being manufactured or service being delivered.

How effectively you manage your employees, the relationship you have with them, and their attitudes toward you as a boss have far reaching results in terms of your company's overall success and retention rates.

Fulfilling this critical role in the company is not without its own set of challenges.

The frontline supervisor is expected to represent upper management's demands, introduce and reinforce company policies, while effectively managing his or her own team's performance, including meeting production standards. Essentially, supervisors form a bridge between management and employee. 

Essentially, supervisors form a bridge between management and employee. Therefore, the challenges they face require the skills to manage both up and down the organizational chart.

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