Rapport Based Selling

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Rapport Based Selling

By James Eicher

Are some of your customers a dream to work with and others a nightmare? Would you like to know the difference and put all of your customers on your dream team?

As customers have become increasingly sophisticated, the need to form buyer/seller rapport based on mutually beneficial outcomes is critical. All businesses must understand the needs of the global consumer to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace. Rapport-Based Selling makes use of the most powerful advances in the behavioral and cognitive sciences to teach a new set of skills for obtaining better sales results.

In Rapport-Based Selling, you will learn the core behaving and thinking patterns that drive every buyer's buying decision. By understanding how your customers make their buying decisions, you will be able to establish rapport and frame your product or service into the mental map of your customer. Rapport-Based Selling will give you valuable communication insight and how-to tips and guidelines.

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