Precepting Skills

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Precepting Skills - Training Skills for On the Job Training

By Wanda Ritter, CPT

Most people decide within one week if they will stay at the new job. Precepting, or training new hires, is a critical function within the healthcare system. Training new employees to be competent and comfortable as quickly as possible is so important in an industry that is experiencing a staffing shortage.

A comprehensive orientation will give a new hire confidence and comfort and will directly impact an organization's ability to retain staff. A new hire that feels supported and competent is much more likely to stay. Take the time to plan before the new hire comes on-board, as it will pay off long after he or she is off orientation!

Those who will benefit from this resource are

  • Staff who orient new hires
  • Managers who want to provide the best orientation for new hires
  • Educators and trainers who design, facilitate and support the orientation of new hires
  • Human resource staff who want to develop orientation programs that improve retention

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