No Need For Conflict

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No Need For Conflict

By James Eicher

"That's not what I meant" is a common response to conflict situations. Even with the best intentions, the most rehearsed presentations, and the most experienced individuals, misperception, miscommunication, and misunderstanding can occur. Unsure of where communication has broken down and conflict has erupted, how do you effectively facilitate conflict to improve business performance and achieve business objectives?

Conflict is all about communication. For example, you have the best of intentions when communicating with others, but you follow through in such a way that you do not achieve your goals. You find yourself in conflict with one or more individuals.

No Need for Conflict will give you valuable communication insight, how-to tips, and guidelines for improving your communication.

Specifically, you will learn how to

  • Take the subjectivity out of conflict, deflating tension.
  • Anticipate oncoming situations-or "conflict trains"-resolving differences before they occur.
  • Develop adaptive tactics, facilitating damage control.

The payoffs are

  • A significant reduction in the conflict avoidance behaviors that paralyze decision-making.
  • An increase in creative conflict that often leads to breakthrough thinking.
  • The growth in personal self-confidence that accompanies directly communicating your desired outcomes.

In the end, you will be enabled to use the power of conflict to drive better personal and business performance. There will be no more winners and losers, just winners.

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