PEAKS Call Center Agents At The Top

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P.E.A.K.S Call Center Agents At The Top

By Lorretta J. Davis

The book is written specifically for experienced call center agents. Whether you are called an agent, rep, or advocate, this book provides tools to help you think about your career from a broader perspective and to help you excel in your profession. This book recognizes that in our at-will employment society, you are the CEO of You, Inc. Throughout the book, I will serve as your no-nonsense call center career coach.

You will

  • Be introduced to the P.E.A.K.S Planning Tool: a document to help you assess your current strengths and opportunities and to guide you in developing a roadmap to take you to the top of your profession.
  • Gain an understanding of purpose: the organization's purpose, your purpose, and the need for alignment between them.
  • Gain an appreciation of how expertise adds value to you and the organization. You will have the opportunity to assess your expertise and develop plans to enhance or maintain your expertise.
  • Explore the power of attitude and identify strategies for using attitude to gain professional altitude, enjoyment in your work, and less stress in your life.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of applied knowledge as a competitive advantage for both you and your employer.
  • Recognize yourself and the workplace as systems:¬†understand the interdependent relationship between your personal and workplace systems, and how to use synergy between systems to your advantage.

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