Nutrition for People Who Sit All Day

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Nutrition for People Who Sit All Day

By Cecilia L. Davis, RD, CSSD, LD and Michael Horton, EdD

It probably started with the electric washing machine and dryer. The process then evolved to the dishwasher, remote devices, and finally the computer. Technologies and other innovations have allowed an increasing amount of living and working to be done while sitting. The result is that a growing number of people spend most of their waking hours sitting.

Some would make the argument that a "sit-down" job is preferable. "Sitting/thinking" work is preferable to "standing/moving" work. The tendency toward efficiency of motion produces a culture whose citizens minimize physical effort whenever possible. Sitting is an example of minimizing effort.

While this may reinforce the human tendency to avoid effort and maximize a leisurely perspective, there are both physical and psychological consequences. This book addresses those consequences in part by calling attention to what happens in the body day by day from sitting and by providing nutrition guidance to minimize those consequences.

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