Networking From Inside Out

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Networking From Inside Out

By Terry Pile

Networking is a life skill that will enhance your personal and professional growth whether you are looking to advance in place or find a new employer. Networking from the Inside Out offers a solid approach to networking at your current place of employment for the purpose of meeting new people, developing a skill, changing positions or gaining a promotion.

Through self-exploration and practical exercises you will learn to hone your networking skills within your workplace. The chapter on "10 Tips for Successful Networking" will help you avoid the mistakes of the "Networking Nabobs."

As you become networking savvy, you will enrich your career from the inside out, as well as the value you bring to the workplace and your employer.

This book is designed for individuals who want to advance in their current place of employment or chosen career field.  It is also ideal for human resources personnel, managers, mentors, and career counselors who are in a position to help others in their career development.  It offers the merits of networking for career development and advancement and suggestions on how to network effectively within the work environment.

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