Writing Powerful Performance Appraisals

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Writing Powerful Performance Appraisals

By Michelle Lavoie, MA.

Whether you are a new or experienced supervisor (the word "supervisor" applies to anyone who manages people and is responsible for evaluating their performance), you're likely to experience a mixture of fear and dread when it's time to write performance appraisals.

It's important to know that not only supervisors are anxious about performance appraisals. There is a whole other population who experience their own unique set of fears; the employees.

The supervisors' and employees' fear and anxiety about the performance appraisal process add to the normal stress that we all feel when giving or receiving feedback. These fears are pervasive and cast a negative light on a process that is intended to be both constructive and motivational. This book will help you to understand why we deliver performance appraisals, and will help you to write performance appraisals that drive an inclusive conversation with your employees.

If you complete this book and apply this one skill, you will easily recoup your investment and differentiate yourself from the majority of supervisors who develop and deliver the expected performance appraisal. Not only will your employees' performance improve, your department's performance will be positively impacted and you will build and maintain relationships with your employees that virtually guarantee their loyalty and ongoing commitment.

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