Writing For Easy Reading

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Writing For Easy Reading

By Dave Lewis

Your personal and organizational success depends on how you communicate--both orally and in writing. Writing for Easy Reading follows the stern taskmaster's credo: it's not enough to write to be understood; you must write so that you can't possibly be misunderstood. Faulty communication frequently results in lost time and production.

The process starts with being able to detect and ultimately avoid, gobbledygook, the specialized language of a particular business or profession; legalese for example. You can make your writing readily understood by eliminating unnecessary words and business cliches.

And you can get in the habit of using active verbs to avoid the often stilted and buck-passing language often found in business writing. You'll learn how to make your writing friendlier and more personal. And finally, you'll learn how to avoid common blunders that can spoil and otherwise well-crafted piece of writing.

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