Managing Change in an Organization

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Managing Change in an Organization - A DIY guide to take the panic out, and put confidence back in

By Mark Delaney, Ph.D.

This book serves as a self-help tool for managers who have to handle a major change initiative. They may be good at everyday problem solving, but when it comes to managing change out of the ordinary they will benefit from this approach.

They may be required to affect a downsizing in their department on the heels of a merger or acquisition. There may be a new CEO who has tasked the manager and his team with a growth strategy which requires them to penetrate a new market. For some reason they may have lost a major customer and have to manage the change associated with that loss of revenue and market share. Or, they may have been challenged with managing the introduction of a new computer system. These are the type changes which the manager and his team have to manage which will require them to do something more than the routine problem solving.

They can apply tested models to assess the environment and quantify the risks. The plan is defined in terms of actions and accountabilities. It becomes a set of living documents, which will support the process to a successful completion. The potential for improving commitment and support from the organization is enhanced. Most of all, the manager can stop panicking and start managing the change with confidence.

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