Making Meetings More Productive Book 4

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Making Meetings More Productive, Book 4 - Advanced Meeting Facilitation

By Dean Herrington

Making Meetings More Productive: Advanced Meeting Facilitation takes the reader beyond the first three books in this series, which focused on the role of the meeting leader in planning and executing productive meetings, and introduces the role of the meeting facilitator. A facilitator is a highly trained professional capable of working with clients (internal or external) to determine the purpose(s) of an upcoming meeting, plan the agenda for that meeting, arrange all the logistics for the meeting, and then actually conduct that meeting for the client.

By reading this book you will

  • Understand the unique role of the meeting facilitator.
  • Learn to use fourteen vital facilitator skills and tools: listening, questioning, cushioning, silence, paraphrasing, summarizing, reviewing/recapping, encouraging, stacking, redirecting, boomerang, ricochet, nonverbal signals, and range of movement.
  • Understand the eight types of power that there are, and know which of those eight types are most important to the success of the meeting facilitator.
  • Understand how to work with clients as you move through the four major steps in the Facilitation Preparation Process.
  • Understand the various pre-meeting activities you must engage in to be fully prepared for a facilitation assignment.
  • Understand the various on-site issues you must be aware of and manage successfully.
  • Understand the after-action activities you must engage in to appropriately wrap-up an assignment.

Diligent students of this book (and the other three in this series) will be well prepared to work with clients (internal or external) and to successfully plan and facilitate even the most complex types of meetings.

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