Making Meetings More Productive Book 1

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Making Meetings More Productive Book 1 - The Basics

By Dean Herrington

Making Meetings More Productive: The Basics introduces the "super secret scientific formula" for planning and conducting much more productive business meetings, which is:

  • MP = R x P x P x P, where,
  • R = Roles
  • P = Purposes
  • P = Procedures
  • P = Proxemics

In this book you will:

  • Learn about the two major meeting elements: Content and Process.
  • Examine the four most crucial meeting Roles: Meeting Leader, Recorder, Timer, and Participants.
  • Encounter the five major Purposes for having a meeting: Information Sharing, Problem Analysis, Solution Seeking (also called Idea Generating), Decision Making, and Action Planning.
  • Explore a number of discussion Procedures which can be used to conduct meetings, including Round Robin, Spit-Wads, Fishbone, etc.
  • Discover the impact that Proxemics, the arrangement of the room, seating positions and placement of audio/video equipment, has on the dynamics of a meeting.
  • Think of this book as your bachelor's degree in meetings, and the next three books in this series as your advanced degrees.

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