Leveraging My Talent and My Career Book 2

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Leveraging My Talent and My Career,  Book 2

By Darlene Davis, M.A.

Career decision-making is based on both internal and external factors. The goal is your internal dynamics--your interests, skills, competencies, values, and priorities with the external realities--business, political, global, social, and economical trends.

This second book in the Career Planning Series contains various strategies, tools, guidelines and resources you need to thoroughly research and evaluate your options (risks and advantages), and make your career decisions with confidence. This book will help you

  • Learn the importance of research, what information you need, and how to gather it.
  • Become networking savvy.
  • Identify future trends in your industry, organization, and profession and see the implications for career decision-making.
  • Acquire strategies for gathering information about types of work or specific jobs within your organization.
  • Identify the competencies required in your present job now and in the future.

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