Leading the Total Quality Mission Volume 1

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Leading the Total Quality Mission:  Aligning principles, practices and management, Volume 1

By Orlando Blake, CPT, PhD

This book and its companion, Leading the Total Quality Mission:  Building capability and commitment, Volume 2, are a composite set of implementable concepts, ideas, and techniques that the quality leader of today may put into practice to improve organizational and individual performance.  You may use this book to build your quality leadership and internal practices to create a sustainable organization.

Almost universally, modern industry has begun to recognize that it must reach beyond traditional quality assurance methods to ensure that hazards are minimized, safety and reliability are maximized, customer expectations are satisfied, and employee satisfaction is thriving.  An effective quality program can bring many benefits to an organization: increased profit margin, a loyal customer following, and enthusiastic and empowered employees.

Consequently, visionary leaders, organizational management, employees, and those who independently assess the quality of work, are committed to making their unique contributions in carrying out the mission of achieving quality.

Your role as a manager in promoting quality is critical.  Management, at all levels, plays a key role in communicating quality as the performance priority, visibly setting an example, and teaching employees about the organization’s quality mission.

This book will equip you with quality insight.  You can be an ambassador of quality practices in your organization.  Here is a sampling of this book topics:

  • The definition of quality and what it means to you.
  • A clear understanding of the quality mission.
  • The drivers of quality: requirements and common sense.
  • The importance of organization alignment.

This book and the companion volume are about the leadership element in total quality.  In fact, it is about taking the “M” out of TQM and replacing it with an “L” for Total Quality Leadership (TQL).  They describe the leadership challenges that you will face in influencing the total quality and quality assurance processes.  The real goal is to achieve Continuous Improvement to enhance safety and reliability, not just complying with a minimal set of requirements.

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