How To Be An Effective Customer Service Manager

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How To Be An Effective Customer Service Manager

By Peggy Morrow

The key to your organization, business, or department's success in delivering outstanding customer service that positively affects your bottom line is always the manager. You must start at the top. If all you needed to do was hire people to fill your customer service jobs, tell them what to do and they would do it perfectly every time, that would be wonderful. But of course, there is a lot more to it than that.

This book follows an easy-to-implement, systematic method for getting your team to deliver exceptional service, to every customer, every time.

Reading and implementing the information in this book will result in

  • An elevation of the service your organization delivers to a higher level.
  • Improved sales of your product or services. Research by American Express shows that customers will spend an average of nine┬ápercent┬ámore when they believe a company provides excellent service.
  • Establishment of a culture of service in your organization so that it becomes, "Just the way we do things around here" to make it easier on you, the manager. The information and skills will apply whether you manage employees who deliver external or internal customer service or a combination of both.

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