How to Avoid the Common Failure

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How to Avoid the Common Failure

By Michael Horton, EdD

Avoiding the common failure is not unlike avoiding the common cold. This book gets to the point about the inclinations we have and the patterns we develop that result in failures. It goes on to discuss helpful ways to see common failures coming, avoid them, and prevent them in the future. By working through this book you will

  • Identify five specific kinds of common failure.
  • Learn specific skills to overcome or avoid these failures.
  • Be introduced to key concepts that will help you better understand the nature of some failures.
  • Learn how to manage situations in which you encounter a paradox.
  • Assess your thinking patterns and consider ways to refine them.
  • Consider how you typically perceive and interpret situations.
  • Learn specific skill to listen actively.

Take advantage of this resource now to improve your chances for success today and in the future.

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