Managing Stress

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Managing Stress

By Dave Lewis

The goal is to acquaint readers with the cause and nature of stress in everyday life, and to analyze the non-adaptive diseases that can result from unattended and prolonged exposure to this ubiquitous phenomenon. You'll be able to identify the things that create stress in your own life (your personal stressors), and engage in exercises that will help you determine if these stressors or caused by internal or external forces. Finally you will create action plans that will help you eliminate or alleviate everyday stress.

A sample of the topics covered include

  • The harmful effects stress can have on the mind and body
  • How perception can affect stress
  • The role of Eustress - the good stress
  • Type A (and B) personalities
  • Good and bad stress
  • How stress affects management personnel
  • How to cope with "hurry sickness"
  • The effects of relaxation exercises on stress
  • The role of win-win negotiation

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