Effective Cross Cultural Communications

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Effective Cross Cultural Communications in the Globally Diverse Workplace

By Pamela Paul, Ph.D.

In most workplaces today, employees routinely come from many different nationalities and cultures and speak many languages in addition to English. In this multicultural workplace, effective communication is very important in order to be effective and productive. Miscommunications can easily cause tensions, interfere with the work processes and make the workplace less than hospitable for everyone involved.

This book gives you easy to follow quick actions you can take to improve your communications with co-workers who are different from you. These actions include the following:

- Tips for using body and other non-verbals to improve understanding.

- Information on cultural cues to attend to that will help you know if your colleagues understand what you are saying to them.

- Short quizzes and self-tests to help you and your co-workers become more aware of your personal communication styles.

- Step by step actions to improve your communication with co-workers.

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