Fast Track Leader First Master Yourself

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The Fast Track Leader First Master Yourself

By Vicki H. Escude, M.A., M.C.C.

The Fast Track Leader: First, Master Yourself! introduces practical tools and techniques to help today’s leader move toward self-mastery, while inspiring others to grow and achieve. You will benefit by

  • Mastering the ability to have clarity and get results in your career and life.
  • Handling fear by inviting effortless change.
  • Keeping your focus as you lead others toward realizing their potential.
  • Setting stretch goals that add meaning to your life.
  • Learning tips for creating the balanced, exciting and satisfying life you want.

You will move toward becoming a leader who demonstrates mastery, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life. These powerful concepts and tools will support your leadership development whether you are an executive, manager, team leader, internal and external coach, or anyone who chooses success!

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