Energy, Task, and Time Management

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Energy, Task, and Time Management

By Hal Porter

Here's the thing about time management . . . there is no "one size fits all." It's personal. Managing your time actually means managing yourself within time, and that means knowing some things about yourself.

Energy, Task, and Time Management is chock full of exercises and examples that help you learn some things about yourself and how to use that knowledge to make your use of time more productive.

Energy, Task, and Time Management begins by introducing you to your personal energy cycle--your daily rhythm that cycles you through periods of "being ready for anything" to "yawn" and everything in between.

Then guides you through the process of analyzing your daily tasks to determine their relative demands on your energy. Which tasks require concentration and focus? Which are routine?

By synchronizing the levels of your energy throughout the day with the demands of your tasks, you not only accomplish in less time, but you also improve the quality of what you get done, and in turn, the quality of your life. Energy, Task, and Time Management clearly illustrates this principal and guides you through the process.

Of course there are always those "time robbers" that crop up to keep you from doing what you've planned. Energy, Task, and Time Management provides practical suggestions and interactive exercises to reduce those roadblocks in ways that fit your unique situation and style.

How you manage yourself within time . . .  what you decide to do, when you decide to do it, and how you manage the road blocks you may encounter on the way . . . that is what time management is all about.

And that is what this book is all about.

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