Customer Service - Dealing With Difficult Demanding Customers

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Customer Service: Dealing With Difficult Demanding Customers

By Peggy Morrow

Does your job require you to deal with difficult customers? The ability to do so in a positive manner and to avoid taking it personally are keys to success in customer service. Yet it is not easy to do when you have a screaming, yelling customer on the line or standing in front of you. This program will give you the techniques to handle those difficult customers and to stay sane throughout the process. You will learn techniques to reduce the stress of dealing with impossible, demanding, customers including

  • The primary reasons customers get upset
  • What you can learn from difficult, unhappy customers
  • How to avoid the "caveman" response
  • A four step "complaint defense" process
  • How to avoid "firestarter" phrases that make your customers even more difficult
  • Dealing with "extreme customers"
  • How to say "no" tactfully

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