Customer Service - 5 Things Customers Want And Need

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Customer Service: 5 Things Customers Want And Need and How to Deliver Them

By Peggy Morrow

Delivering outstanding customer service in your organization is not an option, it is a survival skill for every business. Whether your customers are external or internal you, your co-workers, and your company will benefit from this book.

This book contains an easy-to-implement strategy for delivering the customer service behaviors that all customers want and need. Readers will relate to the author's stories and examples and will be able to readily adapt her tips, techniques, and exercises to their own situation.

Reading and implementing the information in this book will result in

  • An elevation of the service you deliver to a higher level.
  • Improved sales of your products or services. Research shows that customers will customers will buy more when they have received excellent customer service.
  • Less stress in your job because you can deliver a superior level of service that will make your customer more cooperative and easier to deal with.
  • Better internal customer service relations and improved levels of service with your customers and your co-workers.

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