Creating Internal Service Agreements Book 2

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Creating Internal Service Agreements: Implementation, Book 2

By Sharon Mulgrew, M.P.H.

Creating Internal Service Agreements: Implementation - Book 2 builds on the steps and process tools in Book 1 to help you create useful and productive Internal Service Agreements with your internal service partners (customers and suppliers)

In Step 4, you will develop preliminary documentation that provides you, your employees, and your service partners with a clear picture of your department's role and operating parameters.

In Step 5, you discover what your internal customer needs from you. This gives you the accurate information you need to draft your internal service agreement.

Step 6 gives you an "all cards on the table" strategy that helps you to negotiate a true partnering relationship.

Step 7 shows you how to create and negotiate your formal internal service agreements including how to measure effectiveness, deliver unexpected services, resolve conflicts, and identify future changes.

In Step 8, you learn how to set up an effective review system for your Internal Service Agreement to keep it alive and effective.

By putting Creating Internal Service Agreements - Book 1 and 2 into action, you and your internal partners (customers and suppliers) will be more productive contributors to the overall effectiveness of your organization.

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