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Onboarding - Guidelines and tips to attract, engage, and retain top talent

By Gary Convertino, Ed.D., PHR and Darlene Davis, M.A.

Whether starting from scratch or seeking ways to expand your current program, this book will provide the foundation you need to plan and implement a well-rounded, onboarding program in your organization.

The authors build a convincing case for organizations to go beyond orientation (which focuses on the new hire completing documentation and compliance matters) to an in-depth process that involves integrating the employee into his or her new work environment over a period of time. Furthermore, they tell you how to do it.

Who does what, by when are outlined and the specific roles and responsibilities of human resources, managers, department supervisors, and others with whom new employees will be interacting are defined. Numerous checklists, exercises, assessments, resources, discussion tips, and development ideas are provided that will help you engage and retain new hires from pre-recruitment through year one.

A bonus chapter covers several value-added resources: mentoring, coaching, and technology that when properly implemented can take your onboarding process up a notch and position your organization as an attractive employer to top talent. To determine readiness, the chapter also presents a number of key factors you need to address before incorporating these initiatives in your onboarding program.

To ensure that your new hires transition successfully into your company’s culture, builds relationships with others, navigates throughout the workplace with ease, and quickly reaches maximum productivity, make this book a must read for everyone in your organization.

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